Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Becky's NASCAR Tattoo

I called Becky today to chit chat since she's still in the country because Spain still isn't in the mood to okay her visa for the teaching job that they hired her for. Ahhh, bureaucracy....
Anyway, she reassured me that she's been keeping busy helping her parents with the extension to their house. They've been putting up siding and they've had a protective cover up, it's plastic that's been okayed by NASCAR. What the??? Anyway, she was much pleased by this. We got on the subject of how 47% of NASCAR fans are women. Why? The drivers are supposedly hotties.
Somehow this whole conversation ballooned into her marrying a NASCAR driver. I said, mocking her, that she would look great with a racing tattoo on her arm. "Arm?" she protests. "I would get one on my butt, thank you!"
For all of you who had an idea of a pristine Becky, I hope that it's been dashed.

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Cassidy said...

I hate, hate, hate Nascar.

Myra Bybee said...

I love those tatoos at the end! Hillarious!