Saturday, July 31, 2010

On to Georgia!

I've shared this song before, but it's much more apropos right now, as we head off to Georgia this next week. Julie Rae and Brian are moving so that he can do his PhD program. So it won't be so much a train as a caravan of a Penske moving truck and two cars. And it won't be so much midnight as the middle of the day so that we can enjoy the scenery. But it will be Georgia, so it's close enough:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been a while since I Hodge Podged

I haven't done a hodge podge entry for a while. Wait, I haven't overtly called an entry "hodge podge" for a while. That's probably a truer statement.

Brian replaced Julie Rae's broken car radio tonight and added an iPod connector. If you look at the bottom right of the picture, you'll see Christmas lights. We had to use those instead of a flashlight because we couldn't find one.

This list of almost-happeneds is somewhat astounding in certain spots. Number 1 is one of the world's great ironies.

Motorized couch!

And here's a video that made me laugh pretty hard. Seriously, the Baltimore Orioles security just let him run around and around and around. They're not even the ones who got him to stop in the end.

And that may not have been the craziest thing to happen during the game. Holy cow, he threw a nutty.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nearly Rearended

Since there's a lot of construction on I-15 right now, traffic is mostly stop and slow with a few speedy moments. Anyway, traffic way ahead was obviously slowing, so I did, too. I'd almost completed my stop and I checked my rear view mirror as I'm wont in traffic, just in case there's a problem. The huge Dodge truck behind didn't catch on in time and swerved into the shoulder and barely avoided my car's tail end.

Will anyone be surprised by the fact that the guy was on his cell phone? Hang up your blasted phone, man!

I tell you what, though, I am EXTREMELY glad that this happened on the stretch of the freeway where there still was a shoulder to the road, and not a quarter of a mile down, where the shoulder is blocked.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thesis writing analysis

I decided to analyze my thesis chapters like I did my blog in my last post.

I wrote the Introduction like Edgar Allan Poe.
The Lit Review got David Foster Wallace.
Methodology got H. P. Lovecraft, and I think the title of his Best of is extremely apropos.
The Results also got David Foster Wallace.
The Conclusion also2 got David Foster Wallace.

And the preliminary bits?
Abstract: H. P. Lovecraft.
Acknowledgments: Ian Fleming. I'm trying to decide if it's more James Bond-esque, or his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I write like...

So there's this website* that purportedly analyzes your writing and tells you who you write like:
So I dropped in various bits of my blog, this entry and that. I tried it over and over and over. So who do I most commonly write like? Stephen King. arg. Who do I most commonly write like #2? Dan Brown. pathetic.

This makes me so sad.
I did get one James Joyce, though. There is hope.

I wonder about my thesis? I'll have to try an excerpt later on.

*Someone posted about this on Facebook, and I can't remember who. But whoever you are, credit where credit is mysteriously due.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I mean, I love baseball, but honestly


rational side

Julie Rae sent this to me and I really appreciated the read, so I'm sharing it.
It's especially timely right now in Utah after what's happened this week.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I could be a sober Norm

You know that TV show Cheers and the barfly, Norm Peterson, the erstwhile accountant and corporate executioner? I've thought for the last few years that I could follow in some of his footsteps. I'm not going to take up drinking, but I have thought about dropping any other profession and becoming a painter.
Anyway, that's all. I like painting houses.