Thursday, May 27, 2010

Christian Crayon Color Compendium

This blog post was requested by Emily. Oh, and inspired by the picture below.

Here are some possible color options. I recognize that my Mormonity influenced some of the names.

Please add your ideas in the comments area. A box of 64 crayons would be ideal. You can use this link to find inspiration. I'll add your colors to our list. Kim already said that she wanted in as an investor.
(if you're in Google Reader, you may need to click on the blog post link to see the colors properly, and too see any additions, apparently)

Outer Blackness
Templar Taupe
Celestial Cerulean
Pharisaical Fuchsia 
Telestial Teal
Primary 1 2 3 (a Red, Yellow and Blue swirl)
Premortal Purple (shout-out: EM!)
Lydia's Purple (although the Acts 16:14 reference might be too weird)
Choice Chamoisee
Accountable Azure
Dove White

Virgin Violet
Temptation Apple
Olive Tree
Apocryphal Apricot
Ecclesiastical Ecru
Terrestrial Tan
Irreantum Blue
Methuselah Grey
Fine-Twined Linen
Burning Bush
Goliath Green
Hellishly Hot Pink
Money Changer's Gold
Galilee Green

Scatter Sunshine
Iron Rod
Noah's Ark Auburn
Zarahemla Zaffre
Purity Puce
Spiritual Sangria
Trinity Tangerine
Garden of Eden
Senum Silver
Brass Plate
Righteous Red
Zion Canyon Coquelicot
Jello Jade
Bishop's Byzantium
Paradise Peridot
Urim and Thummim Umber
Moroni Maroon
Lust (I'm stealing this from someone else in the Ether, though)
Relief Society Rose
Laser Lemon Liahona
Virtuous Vermilion
Milk and Honey
Tabernacle Turquoise
Amen Amethyst
Deseret Dandelion
Rahab Drab
Desert Sands #40 (Although I do love "Desert Wanderings")
Waters of Mormon Blue
Sunbeam Yellow
Rectitude Rainbow
Miracle Mauve

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Almost Woot Off Prank

I very very almostly bought the item below during the Woot Off to send to this friend. Although, in the end, it's probably best that I didn't. I still don't think it's time that the World know the truth.

And Taiwan is still not free from the Mainland's shadow...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A small thing that means a lot

A family friend, Anne Jex, came over to drop off a bridal shower invite right as I was leaving tonight. As I tried to start my car, it just wouldn't turn all the way over. This stressed me out as I'm leaving for the 5K in Laramie tomorrow morning, and someone else's arrival depends on me.
After a stressful 10 minutes, Anne makes a suggestion about the battery and what can be done. Low and behold her idea was exactly what my car's problem was.
Macey is raaaring to go.

Anne just happened to come by right as I was leaving. I'm counting this coincidence as a small miracle.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Resolving Concerns

On the mission, the concern that I think I resolved the poorest was the "Why do bad things happen to good people?" one.
I mean, I know the intellectual reasons and can explain things and stuff. But really, it doesn't get rid of the sinking feeling and the sorrow. And I hate seeing people near me suffer.
Maybe that's just it, though, there is nothing except the fact that pain happens. We feel it deeply, feel it with those around use, learn, grow, suffer together and continue on.

I still hate it, though.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The all-encompassing happiness dream

It's an established fact that my dreams can be crazy (and awesome). Last night's was what I'm going to call the All-encompassing Happiness Dream.
I'll give a brief rundown of what made an appearance:

  1. I was back on the mission, but I didn't always have to wear a skirt and I could be alone sometimes.
  2. I could fly--in fact I was all over the loop-de-loops.
  3. I was surrounded by high school and grad school friends.
  4. Cousins were also there.
  5. Angela Weech had found a great sushi spot and so I went to meet her and Shelton. We stuffed ourselves with traditional sushi and fusion sushi. There was also this great sushi dessert that involved honey. Huh.
  6. Brazil.
After pondering on it, I've decided this was actually a dream about Paradise and the Spirit World.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I think they're serious, I really do.


Oh! wait wait wait, I looked at the "You may also be interested in these classes"

Gold Prospecting
Let's Get Metaphysical
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh man, I love this website.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A new European map

I laughed right out loud at various points reading this article. Oh, cartographical humor, how I've missed you:

And here's a video to complete l'ensemble cartographique:

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Nexus of Knowledge for the Day

AKA, This led to that which led to yonder thing which brings us to this thingie here
subsubtitled things that might only interest me

I think I might do this more as a chronological rundown of the Nexus of Knowledge that Scottie and I learned in the last 10 minutes:

1-I'm reading book 5 of Harry Potter in Italian (shout-out: Wendy!) right now. There's a spot in chapter two where "April Fool's!" is written. In Italian it's written as Pesce d'aprile! I'd looked it up in my French (poisson d'avril!) and Portuguese (primeiro de abril!) books as this phrase is a linguistic essential.

2-So we searched on Word Reference in Spanish: Día de los Inocentes!, which is what is written in my HP5 ebook in Spanish.

3-I tell Scottie that Día de los Inocentes is actually on December 28th and that I think that it probably comes from the slaughter of the innocents by a wussy Herod who wanted to keep his throne. So we Wikipedia-ed it. Low and behold.

4-Scottie and I become curious about the roots of April Fool's Day. Hello Wikipedia again. Chaucer: HEEEE-EEEYYY.

5-A part of the Wikipedia article mentions the Feast of Fools which was held on December 28th (shout-out to #3!).

6-Suddenly 2 songs from the somewhat skanky French musical Notre Dame de Paris pop (phonetic pun intended) into my head: Le Pape des Fous & La Fête des Fous. These songs link to this part of the Feast of Fools Wikipedia article.

7-I start singing the lyrics to both songs which makes Scottie look at me like I'm slightly crazy. All the while I'm learning about the intrinsic relation that the Feast of Fools has around the Cathedral Notre Dame. I explain this Nexus of Knowledge to Scottie.

8-Scottie says that the Nexus of Knowledge always does come back to French Musicals.

addenda to today's Nexus of Knowledge:
9-It seems to me that Día de los Inocentes was yet another religious holiday that the Catholic church imposed over a pagan holiday to try to draw attention away from the ultra-fun reveling.

10-The mythological history behind Saturnalia "tomfoolery" and "buffoonery," the Titans & the Roman gods makes so much more sense to me as I just finished the Percy Jackson series.

ça, c'est fini, quoi!