Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A while back Brian was waxing philosophical about some things that he's heard people say over time and it's gotten me thinking on it for a while now.
He was talking about how people use some variation of the phrase "it was Heavenly Father's plan" or talk about how we don't understand the plan of our Father in Heaven when something terrible happens.
Brian mentioned that there are times when the phrase is big-time misapplied, and I think he's right. I think when tragic things happen--especially when someone else has done something terrible to us--it's not cool to comfort people by using the phrase, "It's all part of Heavenly Father's plan." Someone doing something bad to you is not part of Heavenly Father's plan.
I've noticed that the sentence is used when we're at a loss for words or when we're uncomfortable with the other person being sad.

When something sucky happens we should feel sad and we should let other people feel sad. Telling people that "it's all part of Heavenly Father's plan" can be like telling people that they're wrong for feeling sad. "Just be happy!" as a friend once told me. Or "fake it until you make it!" was another gem. Yeah, no.

It's easier to feel sad and deal with the problem. I think that's why we're told to mourn with those that mourn. It just works better.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh, dear me

It's the first day of class, so posting twice on my blog seems like a good use of my time.
I was skimming thru Tumblr and saw this post, which is blah blah blah election year blah blah blah.
But the BEST part, and the only part we should all care about, is that the guy who's gonna run as a democrat in the race created a website to challenge Ryan's proposed gutting of medicare called:


Seriously, it sounds so scandalous and just a bit pornograph-icky. 
Time to troll out the nun picture again.

Frivolous Protection

This really might seem like a frivolous post, but it nonetheless laced with truth. Each Mormon man that is endowed, and thus has to follow certain clothing guidelines is one more protection against the too-short boy short problem of exposed man thigh.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weirdest thing I've done at a motel is...

OK, maybe the title of this post sends the reader off on the wrong trail. I'm a very boring person, so the end of the sentence is bookends.
Yep, Tuesday afternoon I grabbed my tools, bought paint, sandpaper, wood glue and got some lumber cut then headed to a motel in Manchester, TN to get to work:

 The sanded them over a bag to catch the dust, then organized pieces of wood.
 TV: Sportscenter & BBC News

Then I got to painting them bright colors, again on more plastic bags. I love painting things. I only splattered paint once and it was on the black mini-fridge. Luckily it wiped clean. Phew.
TV: Chopped

Drying for a few hours.
No TV: Sleep

The next morning I woke up early on my own, two hours before my alarm because building bookends is fun. I glued the tower parts to each other after touching up the paint a bit. I also fixed a hole I had accidentally made in one of the blocks, because I'm just that coordinated.
TV: Mike & Mike in the Morning (ESPN)

Finally I attached the towers to the green slab backing.
TV: Little League World Series!

Then I packed each end into a black bag for safe keeping and drove to Nashville to watch Anna-Lisa knock the dissertating socks off of her committee.