Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fail Door

Construction at our office in DE just finished up. This time was much better than last time. But they've struggled with their doors. One was put in backwards, so they had to knock it out and do a switcharoo. One wall wasn't long enough to touch the door frame of another door. etc. etc.

But the ABSOLUTE BEST door blunder is shown in the following video my coworker and I took:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Two unexpected sights today

Today I drove out of our subdivision and saw two guys that looked to be around my age, perhaps a bit younger. They were on a patch of lawn maybe 14' x 14'. One of them had a golf club resting just short of a golf ball and the other stood stoically 8 feet away awaiting the smack.
What on earth?
Perhaps the dumbest thing about this was their truck was only 4 feet behind the guy waiting to be smacked.

Other unexpected sighting was the hair of the new associate dean of our college at UVU. It was salt and pepper on the sides with a nice faux hawk on top. I don't think I've ever seen that particular mixture before.

That's it, just thought I'd share.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

That is the place, BYU football, rumble on

With the possibility of BYU becoming an independent in football, I couldn't help but laugh when I thought of the historical, eschatological and LDS cultural implications when I saw the picture used on SI.com.
Bronco Mendenhall, AKA Brigham Young, points (back?) to independence, while we've been in the right place for a number of years, it is enough. It appears we must drive on and make our mark in THE WEST again, blazing trails as a football independent.**

**I know that I should apologize for the shameful, groan-inducing post and for my egregious cheesiness, but I'm just going to own it.

Also, if music videos still had dancing like this, I think I might actually watch MTV or VH1.

Shouldn't be too shocked

One shouldn't be shocked when called out for racism when these comments have been typed:

"I don't have anything against Mexicans, its just that their place is in Mexico as an American's place is in America." 
"If you don't limit immigration, you will end up with minority ghettos that will be a drag on society as a whole. Look all over California and you will see Mexican barrios filled with people with Reconquista fantasies..."

People are stunning sometimes.

Monday, August 16, 2010


So when we say we're mesmerized, what exactly do we mean?


Friday, August 13, 2010

Perseids and Distance with a Tea Kettle to Boot

I was out in the driveway looking at the night sky because the Perseids are hitting their apex of activity.
I looked to the south at Sagittarius, the intergalactic tea kettle, and noticed that it was dumping its wares onto Payson. Right then three shooting stars passed thru its handle, one a lovely shade of green.

I started thinking about when we're looking at the sky we're looking at a dozen years to hundreds of thousands of years to millions of years of history. When we look at the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest one to ours, we're looking at light that's reaching us 2.2 million years after it started its journey. The light that bounced off of Jupiter did so about 32 minutes before it reaches our eyes. We look at it thinking we're seeing the present, but we're not. Thirty-two minutes almost seems conceivable, but 2.2 million years boggles my mind--and that's the closest galaxy.

During the night, we're in the present and at the same time we are 32 minutes or 2,700 years or 5 million years in the past.

I think it's brilliant.

And with the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, we're talking billions of years and light that we don't even perceive without one of the most powerful telescopes on the job.