Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yet another HP post

Hi. This is yet another Harry Potter post. A new trailer was released and I noticed something a bit bizarre in it. There had been some previously released trailers, like the one at the MTV movie awards, or the one that was added to the 6th movie's bluray. But the one that's been released within the last 36 or so hours is missing something that had been previously shown. (small, medium or large)
In the first couple of trailers, you'll notice Hermione's hands are bloody because she's been fixing Ron, who was splinched (or whatever it's called) at the shoulder:

But, in the new trailer you'll notice that her hands are now free of blood. I think it's just weird. What's wrong with the blood? I mean, Ron was bleeding and she was healing him. Whatever:

The obvious reaction should be, "Wow, Vanessa, you have watched these way too many times."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Article: Eye Roll

As seen online on a news page. Apparently one of the steps to feel sexy is by dyeing the Heavens a deep shade of red.
{eye roll}

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Final Post of the Day: President Hinckley hits 100

Today is President Hinckley's 100th birthday. I miss him.
About half-way through this dedicatory speech is one of my favorite moments ever.
I'm so excited to hear him give devotionals at Millennial University.

Pondering *the* moments that I've watched

{The following is a sports indulgence. But at least there are short video clips!}

After watching and thinking about and reliving Donovan's goal today, I started thinking about the moments when my favorite team pulled off the amazing.
The 1986 baseball season was the first time that I paid attention to any sport. I was seven and completely enamored with the Mets. I picked a great year to love them.
I still remember when this happened and how I felt:

I had a poster of the ball going between Buckner's legs and Mookie Wilson about to round first on my wall for about 6 years.

I branched out from baseball, loved the Redskins who won the 1988 Super Bowl, and fell in love with the Utah Jazz.
In 1997, Stockton made the most important 3-pointer in the history of the Jazz, sending them to the Finals:

I was on my mission for One Last Miracle for Lavell, but this play still might have beaten that out:

(I absolutely hate that this rivalry is going to die. It was by far one of the best in the nation.)

Donovan's goal today joins the list:

USA Wins!

I sobbed. I flat-out sobbed when Donovan scored that goal. After everything that happened to the US side...   I have to admit that my faith had wavered at the end.

But then this happened:

US wins the match and their group.
I am elated.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Off the Schneid

For all of you who were terribly worried about this:

I'm now off the schneid after picking Spain to win by 2 goals. Now my entry looks like this:

Vanilly the Loser

Yesterday my mom was trying to say, "Vanessa is silly." But instead it just came out as Vanilly. This is almost as good as the time "Vanessa is sexy" became Vanexy.

Vanilly is nice, though, don't you think? And since the dog's name is Millie, I was just thinking...

Anyway, I am a loser. I'm not having some crisis of self esteem, ESPN is telling me so. You'll find my entry for ESPN's Streak for the Ca$h there at the bottom of the screenshot (swensova).
The losing streak would've stopped at 8 or 9, but the stupid, know-nothing, whistle-happy Coulibaly ref from the US-Slovenia match took away the US's well-deserved win.
{I'm inserting an updated screenshot after I missed again this morning. You can see the initial screen shot below. The situation is getting dire.}

{Here's the initial screenshot when I wasn't so bad.} 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RSL streak

When your headline says "RSL Still Streaking," it is probably not a good idea to post a picture of a guy without a shirt on. It leaves to much open for debate about your soccer team's, errrrr, capabilities on the pitch.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I would totally go to this sing-a-long

I guess they do one of these at the Hollywood Bowl.
And I would dress up. It's not like I haven't dressed up for something like this before:

Look at the cell phones!!