Thursday, July 25, 2013

recent spat(e)

I don't know if I'm just more sensitive to things lately or if there's been a larger amount crap on my FB timeline, but I have been doing a good job at trimming my facebook friend list. Maybe I'm just done with putting up with racism and sexism and other ignorantism? I used to simply block their posts from appearing, but now I'm to a point where I'm like Do I even want that in a friend?
The trick comes when it's a relative. Blocking the posts is my only real option there.
I think it's probably that I'm just fed up with it and am more sensitive. I'm not sure that's a bad thing.


Betsy Croft said...

Dude. I am super liberal with my de-"friend"-ing, because Facebook defines no REAL aspect of a relationship for me. If I start to see that my relatives communicate solely by Facebook with me, I defriend them. When I die, I'm not going to wish I spent more time "liking" my grandmas status.

Jessica said...

I have very few relatives left on my friends list. It's not that I can't be friends with conservatives. I'm married to one. But I can only get along with folks on the opposite end of the political spectrum if we have real life activities in common.

Vanessa Swenson said...

Yes, you're right, Betsy. I think I need to get rid of some more people.

Jessica, I think what gets me is that people hide behind their political whatever when they get called out on racism or misogyny or what have you. It's obviously not just conservatives. But by far and away the people who lovingly cling on to these ideas are the more outspoken conservatives on my feed. I've found it to be more of a bigot --> conservative thing than a conservative --> bigot deal.